ST-350 is a smart, practical multi-currency fitness sorter and banknote counter designed for users’ convenience. ST-350 is optimized for high performance, enhanced authentication and easy operation.

High-speed image processing

  1. High resolution dual CIS
  2. High level fitness sorting
  3. Capture and Record of OCR
  4. Can be installed up to 20 currencies

Advanced counterfeit detection

  1. Equipped with range of counterfeit detection technologies.

Remote monitoring system by ‘SIM’

  1. Connect with SIM link

User-friendly system

  1. Multi user mode available
  2. Highly visible 7” Full color touch screen
  3. Simple and easy operation
  4. Easy maintanance

ST-350 is an ideal choice for :

  1. Bank(Cash Center), CIT (Cash in Transit)