Compact Size with Full Function 3 Pockets

  1. Similar size to 2 pockets machine
  2. Saving workspace and minimize the cash processing movement
  3. Selective pocket for fitness options: ATM, FIT, Reject

Advanced Technologies

  1. Full color Dual CIS Sensor, Equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies
  2. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode
  3. Can be installed more than 32 currencies
  4. Multi-currency mode (Up to 16 currencies can be counted at once)
  5. Reliable Fitness sorting/ Excellent tape detection performance

User-friendly system

  1. 2-Teller mode/ Multi-user mode
  2. 5“ Full LCD Color Touch Screen (Angle adjustable)

Remote monitoring & management system

  1. Related Application: Smart Integration Manager (SIM)